Friday, April 1, 2011

My first product recommendation!

I think it's safe to say that I'm not into trends. Probie doesn't have a rock and play, a sophie teether, a jumperoo (although I think that's coming), a baby crack machine or a glow seahorse (to name a few). You sure as heck couldn't catch me sucking the snot out of his nose with one of those nosefrida things. So when people said "You have to try one of these drooler bibs!" I honestly rolled my eyes.

So it's no secret, Probie is a major drooler and a major happy spitter. Due to this fact, I found myself constantly doing laundry trying to keep him in clean onesies, sleepers and bibs. He would seriously go through about 3 bibs (minimum) and 2 outfits a day and would still be wet. His little chin/chest was starting to chafe, despite my best efforts keeping him dry.

Finally, after hearing about it over and over and over again, I thought "I've gotta check them out".
First of all, the fabric gallery is amazing. Picking just three?!? Nearly impossible. I was only going to start with three because honestly, at the price, I didn't want to get burned. They said it was awesome, but :shrugs:. So I picked three and got my order in just in time. She opens the shop with a set number available and when they are gone, she closes again. When gets the orders done and shipped, she re-opens and it starts all over.

I knew they were arriving yesterday and I was so freaking excited. They were in my mailbox and before Probie even registered we were home again, I had ripped open the package, awwed at their cuteness and slapped it on him. How freaking cute!
Night Owls, Blue Whales and Play Dot

However, today was the real challenge...his first full day in his bib. I can say, after being in his Night Owls bibs for one full day, he stayed dry and clean all stinking day!

I'm sold. I'm also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the store to open again....I mean, 12 bibs aren't excessive---are they? :-)

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  1. dude, the nosefrida is awesome! :-)I love those bibs